NetFISiC - Training Network on Functional Interfaces for Silicon Carbide

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Project abstract The main scientific objective of NetFISiC (ITN Marie Curie action) is to provide Silicon carbide material (of various polytypes) with improved and adequate functional interfaces for getting a step forward in electronic devices performance. Research efforts will be dedicated to solve the problems faced by important devices like MOSFET and Schottky diodes. Besides, some fundamental research will be performed both on the growth aspect and on new and innovating devices. Applications in high temperature, high power and harsh environment are targeted. image1
Based on this research program, the ambitious target of NeTFISiC partners is to train the next generation of researchers on various semiconductor related fields (such as physics, material science and engineering), taking the emerging SiC technology as an appropriate tool for study. This shall contribute to long-term strengthening of the European position on a technologically important semiconductor. 13 early stage researchers (ESR) and 2 experienced researchers (ER) will be recruited and trained within this network, on multi-disciplinary subjects like material growth, characterization and devices fabrication, with a particular focus on SiC.
For each of these young researchers, the individual training at the host institution will be enriched by specific shared training in other partner's institution and joint training activities (workshops, training schools, tutorial days) organized by the network. This shall give them the broad necessary background in order to understand the various aspect of semiconductor science.



The project was officially launched during the kick-off meeting held in Lyon on 25th February 2011.
The first year was mostly dedicated to the recruitement of the young researchers, with the objective that they could all attend the first training school organized in Barcelona in January 2012.
A workshop occurred in Nürnberg from 26th to 28th March 2012, where a first workshop on "power semiconductors devices and technologies" was successfully held, gathering not only the NetFISiC fellows but also an external attendance.
Later, a video-teleconference lecture on "oral presentation techniques" was held in May 2012 for the network fellows.The second training school was successfully organized from 11th to 15th July 2012 in Thessaloniki and a tutorial day was held on September 2nd, 2012 in St Petersburg on growth of SiC from bulk to thin layers.
The second workshop (WASMPE) took place from June 17th to June 19th in Nice on the topic of Silicon Carbide Hetero-Epitaxy (HeteroSiC) and on Advanced Semiconductor Materials and devices for Power Electronics applications. Last but not least, together with the International Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials (ICSCRM 2013) at Miyazaki, Japan, a tutorial day was organized on "Advanced materials for high power electronic application" on September 29th, 2013.

The next project even is a three-days-event, consisting of a tutorial day + two workshop days, covering the latest results and innovations in power electronics applications of silicon carbide technology. This ISICPEAW workshop will take place in Sweden from May 25th to 27th 2014. For more information, please click here!
We also would like to inform you on the 10th ECSCRM conference that will take place in Grenoble (France) from September 21st to 25th 2014. Chaired by NetFISiC supervisors, the conference aims at presenting and discussing recent advances in theoretical and experimental investigations of crystal growth, characterization and control of material properties, as well as other basic research issues concerning silicon carbide (SiC) and other related materials such as III-nitrides wide bandgap semiconductors, diamond or graphene grown on SiC. New research results relevant to wafer production processes, device fabrication technologies and device applications will be also discussed. As an introduction to the important concepts and hot topics to be discussed during the conference, a tutorial day is organized on the first day, dedicated to characterizations methods applied to SiC, from material to devices. Hoping to meet you there, for more information please click here!
Please do not hesitate to join!


A first publication presenting the project has been issued in Erlanger Nachrichten dated 26th August 2011. Click here to view the article.